Looking for a refresher? Want something brand new? Going for a bold color? Our salon loves color and we do it all! Everything from fashion color and highlighting to all over color or balayage services. We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the most current color trends and techniques in the industry! Read more to learn about the most popular services and techniques Capricio Salon and Spa offers.



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This technique has been around for quite some time but it’s making a serious comeback and we LOVE it! Balayage is French for sweep or to paint. This technique allows stylists to give their clients a beautiful, sun-kissed and natural looking color. Softer and less noticeable regrowth lines make this technique so popular and gives you the less is more, natural look! Balayage is applied to the surface with a brush and does not saturate through the hair section until you reach the ends. People love this look because maintenance is minimal! Thanks to the way balayage is put on the hair, there are no harsh lines with regrowth. Make sure to use color protecting shampoo like Davines Alchemic collection or Redken’s Color Extend to keep your hair looking and feeling great in between coloring services. Book your consultation with our stylists, Lindasay, Loren, Kenzie or Owner, Munem, who are all Balayage Certified!


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Another very popular technique is ombre, which means shaded. Ombre gradually blends one color to another, generally moving from a light to darker shade. There are people that also do ombre in reverse and go from darker roots to lighter tips. This technique is also popular among clients because there is minimal upkeep! Using a similar brushing technique as balayage, it allows for outgrowth, which pregnant clients and clients who don’t visit as frequently, absolutely love!


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Probably the most well-known technique among clients and stylists alike, highlighting and lowlighting! The hair is sectioned off and targets specific areas of hair. This allows your stylist to give you a multi-hued and dimensional, natural looking finish! Applying color to the hair with a brush and using foils or plastic, sometime even a cap! Unlike all over color or some of the other techniques mentioned, clients have the option to do a half head or full head of highlights, leaving your underneath natural and the top bright, beautiful and highlighted! 

Fashion Color

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Fashion color are going to be those funky, fun and sometimes unconventional colors you often see at fashion shows, on stylists themselves and for those bold and brave! The great thing about fashion colors is you can balayage, highlight, lowlight, ombre or even all over color your hair. Don’t want to commit, that’s fine, we can order extensions and put them in for short or long term wear! We love Hair Dreams, Cinderella, and Tony Odisho extensions on our clients. We offer FREE consultations for fashion color and extensions, so if you’re on the fence, come in and talk to one of our stylists about what you’re thinking.

Color Correction

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Sometimes, you’ve got jet black hair and want to go for a blonder bombshell type look. You may have had made a bad decision and used some box dye, and it happens, that’s why we’re here, to fix it! Things like this can take time and our stylists offer those FREE color consultations to talk about your best options going forward. We want to make sure we are giving you the color you want and do it to keep your hair healthy and intact. Hair can get brittle from using those box dyes or putting several color applications on your hair in a short time period. We offer services like hair masks and have an extensive collection of hair treatments and products. We offer salon grade products, like Davines, Moroccan Oil and Redken to keep your hair supple, soft and looking fresh!

Make sure to check out the other services our salon offer to keep your hair looking luscious, like extensions, Brazilian Blow Out and Keratin treatments, haircutting services and hair masks.

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