Tips on how to blow dry you hair:
 Blow by Blow...

As said in magazine article: 
We fantasize about haivng the agility of a Cirque de Soleil gymnast--not in the bedroom, but in the bathroom with the blow-dryer. Fortunately, stylists say that it doesn't take contortions to look smooth. "You just can't cut corners," Guido says. With the right tools, styling products, and the technique that follows, your hair will look as if you came straight from the salon.

Shampoo and condition by hair type and texture. For oily or fine hair, condition only the ends. Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel. Spritz the roots of fine hair with a volumizer; for curly hair rub on a blob of styling balm; and on thick, frizzy hair apply a silicone serum. Smooth with a wide-tooth comb.

Blast naturally straight hair for only two or three minutes on low speed/high heat to remove 95 percent of the moisture; keep wavy, curly, and damaged hair wet. Clip one four-inch-square section at the top of the head at the crown and if you have very thick hair, create a second tier with a clip just below this one.

Starting with the under layers, pull two-ich sections of hair through a large, round brush, nozzle down over the bristles. Bend the ends under slightly. Repeat, releasing two-inch sections from the larger clipped sections at a time. At the crown, pull hair straight out to eye level when drying.

Once hair is thoroughly dry, survey the results. If coarse hair isn't smooth enough, run over it with a flatiron--but only from roots to midlength. To finish, tame flyaways and add shine by spreading a small amount of glossing serum or spray on your palms and running lengths of hair between them.

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