Let's face it- we've all experimented with box colors and over-the-counter hair dye. More than likely, it didn't turn out as you'd expect...in fact, it was probably more of a mess than before you colored it!

As we approach Spring (and hopefully a warm Summer!), many men and women choose to update their haircolor to relect the season. Brunettes get warm, caramel highlights, blondes go from dirty to platinum, and red heads become a little more fiery than before thanks to updated strands.

Home hair color can be incredibly tempting, especially for those that are on a budget (who isn't?!). However, when searching for perfectly-painted highlights or lovely, lightened locks, avoid the urge to "experiment" with color at home. Recent salon surveys show that 9 out of 10 clients were unhappy with color they applied themselves. Similarly, the average cost to "fix" a boxed color application is at least $200 when performed by a professional- not including at-home products needed to repair or maintain the quality of the hair. Boxed colors can strip vital nutrients and moisture from hair, causing it to break and damage easily. Not to mention, the damage caused by at-home color can lead to uneven (and downright ugly!) coloring in the future.

According to Redken.com, Redken color products- paired with the expertise of your stylist- will get you the results you desire with minimal to no damage. Here are their top reasons to "Go Pro" and have your hair colored in a salon:


  1. Your hair is your best fashion accessory—when it looks amazing, so do you.
  2. Salon color offers you versatility and customized options to deliver the look you want.
  3. Coloring your hair not only makes it shinier and sexier, it can even improve its condition.
  4. You don't need to make a drastic change—even a subtle color enhancement can make a big difference in your look.
  5. Your Redken Stylist is focused on the latest trends and has the skill and creativity to customize the look for you.
  6. Using professional products in a salon setting gives you access to the newest techniques and advances in color science.

When thinking "short-term," at-home hair color may seem great. However, be sure to consider the strain it may cause on your hair and the cost you may incur if it doesn't turn out exactly as you'd imagined (or like the picture on the box!). Everyone's hair is different in terms of texture, previous coloring, and health, so be sure to remember this if you're considering a box color. Most salons offer complimentary consultations...we suggest meeting with a stylist before you make your final decision. It never hurts to be informed!

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