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Japanese Thermal Relaxer

Recreate your hair's texture the way you want it with an expert Japanese thermal relaxing/reconditioning treatment from Capricio Salon and Spa. Japanese thermal relaxers permanently straighten your hair and can cut blow-drying and styling time in half. The process is safe for most hair; improves its feel, softness, and shine, and leaves it completely manageable. Capricio Salon & Spa a Japanese & Chi Relaxer Certified salon and of the first Salons in Milwaukee to provide thermal hair relaxing in Milwaukee, WI area.


Q. Why does Japanese thermal relaxing cost so much?

Thermal relaxing/reconditioning is very time consuming. The process takes from three to five hours. During that time your thermal specialist's day will be totally consumed with processing your hair. But, the results last for months and ultimately save you many hours of blow-dry styling. Everyone that gets one thinks they are a great investment.

Q. How do the Japanese thermal relaxers work?

First, the designers at Capricio salon use deep conditioners along with a chemical that safely relaxes the structural bonds within the hair shaft to allow the hair's curl or frizz patterns to be restructured. Once these structural bonds are relaxed, the stylists use heat to "fix" the hair shaft's structural bonds in this new, straightened structure.

Q. Will a Japanese thermal relaxer damage my hair?

When performed by the highly-trained designers at Capricio Salon, the thermal relaxing process will not harm healthy hair. The process is designed to leave hair soft and manageable. Some color-treated and slightly lightened hair can be relaxed using this process; some cannot. Ask your stylist for details and an expert opinion about whether your hair can be treated using this technique.

Q. Will I be able to get my curl back?

After a thermal relaxer treatment, your hair will need to grow back out to restore its original texture. You can, of course, style your newly straightened hair any way you like (for example, you can curl your hair with a curling iron), but the process cannot be reversed to restore the original texture to treated hair.

Q. What is the prescribed post relaxer care?

For 72 hours: NO shampoo/conditioning NO ponytails, pulling hair back, or tucking behind ears

  • NO clips/rubber bands. NO sunglasses on top of head. NO hats. NO humidity NO working out
  • NO chemical services on hair for one week.
Q. How long does it last?

Depending on your hair type, the tightness of your natural curl, and hair length, the out growth will need to be treated in six to nine months. In other words, twice a year.

Q. What is the cost of follow-up treatments?

Retouching takes the same amount of time as the original process (three to five hours) and requires the same amount of product. It also takes even more skill to protect the previously relaxed hair. The cost of retouching is therefore the same as the initial treatment.

Q. Can my hair be colored after a Japanese thermal relaxing treatment?

It is best to have your hair color done prior to thermal relaxing, so that the entire hair shaft has an even porosity. Then, a week later, you can return to the Salon if your color intensity needs adjusting.